"Balistic Presumption" E.P.

- The Analogue Cops, Lucretio, Marieu, Xenogears -

Restoration Records celebrates its ten years of activity with 4 fully-fledged club oriented tracks produced by its stalwarts Lucretio and Marieu, also known as The Analogue Cops and Xenogears. "The Marshall" is a four hands Analogue Cops night affair about heavy rhythms and Blues, glittering cymbals, fiery breaks, and the art of sampling. "Deliver" is a classy big room jacking tune fuelled with jumbo balearic chords, dense reverbs and a proto-digital acid line. "See Ya Tomorrow" is a raw happy House anthem with a touch of Jazz and a relentless drive. Finally, the duo darkest moniker Xenogears wisely crafted a polyrhythmic Techno ground-shaking tune injected with analogue sparkles and pervaded by a steel-sky atmosphere.

The Analogue Cops - "The Marshall"

Lucretio - "Deliver"

Marieu - "See Ya Tomorrow"

Xenogears - "Over The Train"