"Coup d'Etat" E.P.

- Dj Teech and Taurus Impex Limited -

Dj Teech and Taurus Impex Limited are the pseudonyms chosen by Marieu and Lucretio for their unconventional output, already appeared on the infamous vatican label Knick Knack Yoda. "Coup d’Etat"is a collection of 4 cutting edge tracks at the boundaries of Techno and House music. "Digital Bacteria" and "CGL" are two dancefloor minimalistic busters with a quick pace, with shuffled percussion and heavy digital sub basses coded over a steel cyberpunk texture. "PitchBlacky" and "The Perennial" have a very slow tempo but are injected of stinging hi tech funk enclosing a jacky essence that pour out from its experimental superstructure.

Taurus Impex Limited - "Digital Bacteria"

Taurus Impex Limited - "C.G.L."" /

Dj Teech - "PitchBlacky" /

Dj Teech - "The Perennial" /