Multiverse Remixes

- Xenogears -

Madteo, Vinalog (a.k.a. EMG and John Swing) and Third Side have remixed Xenogears "Multiverse". Xenogears is the name of the first studio project of Marieu and Lucretio, also known as The Analogue Cops. With this moniker they released a bunch of seminal techno cuts on the first chapters of their Restoration imprint, back in 2007. "Lost Artemis" was released in spring 2014 featuring their distinctive fast minimalistic, Detroit-inspired and machines-driven Techno. "Multiverse" is the single choosen to transmit the sound of their forthcoming album, which will also features collaborations with their "Bratha" No Mad Ronin and the talented producer known as Objekt.

Third Side remix

Madteo "NY Blows-Wave" remix

Vinalog remix

Xenogears original mix