"Unity" Remixes

- Various Artists-

"Unity" is the first single taken from Third Side forthcoming album "Unified Fields", that was released on Restoration Records in September 2012. Third Side is the project of The Analogue Cops and Panorama Bar resident Steffi; their collaborations, which have been released exclusively on Restoration, have been of the most interesting jams of the last years. The original "Unity", a fat overshadowing deep techno track, written and produced only with machines and recorded on tape, comes with 3 massive analogue remixes. The rework made by Blawan (SheWorks/Hessle Audio) smashes the parts of the composition with overbearing oldschool British manners and the result is a broken shuffled industrial hammering. On side B, Steffi remix is relentless, rushing and carefully build: her attention for the processing of every detail transforms the original tune into an hypnotic breathtaking excursion. The last treatment is performed by the Nightjars, an unidentified project that has brought down a particular attention for its debut EP on Vae Victis Records. With a bossy employ of the most advanced analogue equipment, the Nightjars slash an incendiary attack of warehouse garage.

Third Side Original

Blawan remix

Steffi remix

Nightjars remix