"Manola" E.P.

- The Analogue Cops -

This was the first full length E.P. of The Analogue Cops on their own label Restoration. As usual, an unquestionable raw force is summoned by the abrasive touch of their experienced hands on incorruptible machines. "Why You Love Me" s a killer house track with an unmistakeable debt with Detroit, a powerful garage-influenced bassline and two charming loving voices over a very thick bass drums, finally, magnificent trumpets and fiercy cymbals. "CRC09", an extract of The Cops live at the infamous Crackers Club somewhere in Berlin at the end of last summer, is an evidence of their high efficiency on the crime scene. On side B, "Refused" is a dancefloor mass-weapon: it begins with impenetrable heavy beats and the voice and the claps of an artillery man. "Wait a Second" is the first Cops dubstep tune to be released and it is one of the very few dubstep track you can find on your filthy streets to be fully assembled only with hardware equipment and recorded on tape. RST012 has been played by the best djs around: you know who they are.

"Why You Love Me"



"Wait a Second"