"Amber" E.P.

- Third Side, Lucretio, Marieu-

"Amber" E.P is a celebration of the necessary power to feed the machines and to keep them working. Recorded live on tape, its pure raw asound, is true dedication to urban dance music. The long track on side A, "Andy" is produced by the Third Side, the infamous Berlin based team formed by Steffi (Dolly/Klakson), Marieu and Lucretio. An evocative female voice, a powerful rumbling bass, fat beats, hypnotic strings, a relentless pace, an acid taste. On side B, "Thinking Right" by Lucretio pick up the baton left by Infiniti with his later works. Full sub-bass deep techno with soul. Ground breaking rhythms, filtered vocals and harmonies, a smooth build up on a minimalisitc structure. Clear eyes on the future of techno. Marieu "The Guardian" is an amazing fusion of jazz and deep house with Motown influences. The blend of vanguardist chords and exquisite tight drums lead to a joyful experience, the surprising ad-libs spreaded along the track keeps the involvement high during 7 minutes.

Third Side - "Andy"

Lucretio - "Thinking Right"

Marieu - "The Guardian"