"Nyx" E.P.

- Third Side-

This was the first full length E.P by the Third Side, the infamous Berlin based team formed by Panorama Bar resident Steffi , Marieu and Lucretio. "Nyx" is an invocation to the primordial goddess of the night summoned with soul and machines, Nyx, rather than Chaos, is the first principle. All the tracks have been ecorded live on dusky tape. "Goddess of the night" is a killer discoid house track build on fat and dry beats that challenges a wobbling retro bass line obscure as the darkest night. "Philotes" is an hi-tech deephouse tune: warm, relentless, funky and groovy. On side B, "A Shadowey Figure"is charming and evocative. An intense quartet of string rises from scattering solid beats, a shining xylophone bends old-school organs chords into an harmonic progression.And finally a delightful female voice leads in the twilight. Last but not least, "Erebus" is a full dancefloor attack constructed on a powerfull sub-bass. Hypnotic and seductive, it is a travel to the place of darkness between earth and Hades.

"Goddess Of The Night"


"A Shadowey Figure"