"Captain Power" E.P.

- Third Side, The Analogue Cops, Lucretio, Marieu, -

"Captain Power" and the soldiers of the future will lead the riot of the machines: humans and machines, blood and fire, souls and transistors are operating together to fight the conformism and the loss of values imposed by the mass communication of this post-industrial era. Third Side is the new operative group of Restoration, formed by Marieu, Lucretio and Steffi (Dolly/Ostgut Ton)."Ready to Dance" is a dancefloor disco-bomb, funky and sexy but minimalistic at the same time. Very essential in its build-up, its bass line is addicting and relentless and its bass drum is powerful. The Analogue Cops "Chamber" is a strong dark track in which a massive 808 drum explosion runs together with an ultra-pitched down voice sample. Rushing percussions, piercy hi-hats, a breathless progression. On side B, "Still me" represents Lucretio evocation to neoclassicism. Dramatic and sweet, it remind of Planet-E early releases. "Mauzy" is Marieu deepest track on Restoration. Beat-down smashing 909 drums, punchy snares, delightful piano chords, sharp cymbals, a praising voice.

Third Side - "Ready to Dance"

The Analogue Cops - "Chamber"

Lucretio - "Still Me"

Marieu - "Mauzy"