"Pay The Toll " E.P.

- Eduardo de la Calle, Marieu, Lucretio, The Analogue Cops -

Eduardo de la Calle "7skies" is a piece of top quality dub techno: elegant and refined, solid and breathless. A track for every dance-floor, for every moment, strictly designed for a spiritual elevation. Marieu "T.T.R.H" is a solid with an heavy Chicago-feel, filled of hypnotic elements; the bass drum is heavy, the bass line is rolling like a rumble. High-tech minimalistic elements complete the rushness of its killer beats; as acid influences pervade its techno nature. On side B, Lucretio presents a slow, smooth synthesis of his Detroit influences. It starts as nude as minimal techno with just an industrial lament that accompanies the bass drum, later 808 drums come in and the track gets power. But in the middle, an Inner City-like progression of chords brings in the soulful "Good Words": words of hope, words. "Los Sucios" produced by The Analogue Cops is a deep jazzy tune with a delicious minimal techno flavour. It begins with a swingin double-bass walking through a dirty atmosphere. Then, robotic noises come in, and play with the percussions. A very particular track with an ultra fat and warm sound.

Eduardo de la Calle - "7skies"

Marieu - "T.T.R.H.""

Lucretio - "Good Words"

The Analogue Cops - "Los Sucios"