"One Touch And Run" E.P.

- Lucretio, Marieu, Eduardo de la Calle, The Analogue Cops -

During 2008, Restoration Records has gained a strong reputation as one of the last true Underground labels in the world. Its work avoid trends and fashions. Lucretio "Never Alone" embraces Chicago House and Detroit Techno without complexes. Its very effective drums, with a smooth Latin feel build up the progression of carefully designed soulful synth sounds which lead to the main chords of the track. Chords that speak of hope and inner freedom. The "Headquarter Experiment" of Marieu is pure acid madness. Just an 808 and a 303 rolling together into a breathless and hypnotic experience. A tribute to the legends of Chicago Acid House which becomes a lethal weapon on the dancefloor! On side B, Eduardo de la Calle, the disciple of esohterism, presents his tribute "To Sun Ra". A blend of devotion to Drexciya, to real electro and to Jazz music. An ultra-fat bass drum open the space to talk about eternal life and cosmic evolution of the soul. The Analogue Cops close the Ep with "UAP"; The tight sound of the 808 enforces a primitive rhythm, the sharp hi-hats pierce our system of comprehension and, finally, the Rhodes piano lays the bridge between bodies and hearts, between blood and fire.

Lucretio - "Never Alone"

Marieu - "Headquarter Experiment"

Eduardo de la Calle- "To Sun Ra"

The Analogue Cops - "UAP"