"Analogue Planet" E.P.

- The Analogue Cops, Eduardo de la Calle, Lucretio, Marieu -

Soon after the greatly acclaimed third release, Restoration came back to the street with the "Analogue Planet" E.P. Marieu and Lucretio present here their new project: The Analogue Cops "CC" is an ultra-fat deep house track with a dub feel. "The Serafins" by Eduardo de la Calle is a breathless progression to the sixth realm of the celestial hierarchy. A relentless minimal techno track, dark, futuristic and solid. "Over Me" by Lucretio is a praise to the friends with whom he spent an unforgettable time in West Side Detroit; it is a soul-tech track made of fast fat ghetto-tech beats, soulful rhodes chords and sophisticated strings. A track that looks to the future from the memories of the past. Marieu introduces the crowds to his "Dark Theory", a dark journey into the territories of dub house. Dry tight beats over techno sounds and sharp hi-hats lead to a female vocal sample that grow up into an ethereal pad sound.

The Analogue Cops - "CC"

Eduardo de la Calle - "The Serafins"

Lucretio - "Over Me" /

Marieu - "Dark Theory"