"First Mission" E.P.

- Xenogears, Lucretio, Eduardo de la Calle -

The united forces of Restoration started their First Mission. The Berlin based label is proud to present its first 4 tracks E.P. Side A is entirely delivered by the Xenogears, the humanoid unit squad driven by a Marieu and Lucretio using the soul power and analogue processed beats to attack the dancefloor of the planet. "OH OH OH" and "First Mission" are deep techno tracks made to severely increase the temperature of every club; they show the strong influence that the sound of Chicago and Detroit have on the two producers. Lucretio’s solo track on side B is a piece of fine minimalistic techno with a funky bass line and extremely carefully designed drums that build up to the dramatic strings. Lucretio displays all the sonic skills he gained with his audio engineering degree. Eduardo de la Calle has released music for Cadenza and Planet E and of course for its own Analogue Solution. His "Tribute to Ramtha" is a monster electro track from the outer space, characterized by killers 808 drums and a solo of vintage synthesizers.

Xenogears - "OH OH OH"

Xenogears - "First Mission"

Lucretio - "The River"

Eduardo de la Calle - "Tribute to Ramtha"