"Lost Artemis"

- Xenogears -

Xenogears is the name of the first studio project of Marieu and Lucretio, also known as The Analogue Cops. With this moniker they released a bunch of seminal Techno cuts on the first chapters of their Restoration imprint, back in 2007. Tracks which were played by legends as Anthony Shakir, Claude Young and The Suburban Knight. Now the Xenogears are back with their first album "Lost Artemis", showcasing their distinctive fast, Detroit-inspired hardware Techno. The album features a collaboration with their usual collaborator NoMadRonin and with Objekt. All the tracks are characterised by a strong fascination for hi-tech synthesisers and rusted vintage gears, a fast pace, and a minimal approach to live mixing. They have explored the subterranean territories between post-atomic noises and apocalyptic breakbeats, finding a way to equate machines with funkiness in an open battlefield.

"Mint Drop" (feat. NoMadRonin) /

"The X Button"



"Idol Talk" (feat. Objekt)

"Multiverse" (album mix)