"Unified Fields" E.P.

- Third Side -

It is easy to come across many techno albums which contain neither a true vision nor a concept these days. However, throughout the last three years, the Berlin sound has witnessed a revival in both method and sound aesthetic. This is largely thanks to the work of a specific cohort of artists which have recalled on past principles and methods to push things forward in the aim of creating new and original frameworks for electronic dance music. At the centre of this limited group are the hardware radicalists known as The Analogue Cops and Steffi, the passionate heart behind Dolly and Klakson. "The Absolute" kicks things off with rippling snare drums, a warm bass line and a sweet cocktail of atmospherics and effects. Restoration friend, nd_baumecker joins the team on "Jackie", where a chopped up vocal is carried backwards and forwards by an edgy drum machine workout. "The Base Of All Matters" is a progressive, heads-down beat filled with crispy snares and disjointed chords, but the trio really get going on "Gauge Fields", where a frenetic mixture of synth stabs and effects is swallowed by a monstrous, syncopating bass line. Side C begins with "Unity", a powerful techno too. "Subsequent Stages" enters lighter house territories but still retains that signature Third Side rawness and minimalism. On the flip side, "Fundamental Forces" introduces a heavy, bumping beat floating over a sea of euphoric voices and distant melodies. Finally, "Shit On Me" with the astonishing vocals of Virginia closes things off with a nasty, twisted percussion which evolves into a more experimental, bass-fuelled anthem for the small hours.

"The Absolute"

"Jackie" (feat. nd_baumecker)

"The Base of All Matters"

"Gauge Fields"


"Subsequent Stages"

"Fundamental Forces"

"Shit on Me" (feat. Virginia) /